Seal pups up close waiting for you to join them for a swim

About us

The story behind WOT

WILD OCEAN TASMANIA is a small, couple-owned business. The idea of WOT evolved through trying to find a way to fund the private wildlife conservation and rehabilitation work that we and other locals are doing. We have a huge passion for the ocean, marine life and the eco-system that supports us and see ourselves as ocean custodians. Our aim is to reconnect people with the natural environment and to raise understanding for the value of protecting the world’s coastal zones. We think it is an awesome gift to be able to soak up the beauty of Tasmania’s coastline on our trips, to observe wild marine animals underwater and to see how well adapted they are to their environment. It is even better to share it with people who care and double the joy.

WOT’s out there, and so will you be, soon!

What inspires WOT:

Bennett's wallaby joey in rehabilitation.


Bella, an orphaned Bennett’s wallaby, got to us extremely dehydrated and stressed. Now she is doing really well. We’re stoked for her.




Wally the orphaned Bennett's Wallaby joeyWally was icy cold, super skinny and not quite furred when he was found next to his dead mum on the side of the road. Now he’s got chubby cheeks but still loves warm cuddles every now and then 🙂



Wallaby baby in its pouch.

Roobie Sage, an orphaned pademelon joey. Her mum got cruelly shot and she was still curled up in the pouch trying to suckle milk as a dog pointed her out. In a few month time she will be independent and released into the wild.

…and all the other little wildlife orphans that lost their mums and ended up in our care . 🙂