April – The Orca Month

One of Australia’s Orca hotspots

The large number of Orca sightings last month plus numerous sightings in January, February and March have proven that Tasmania’s East Coast is one of the hotspots to see Orcas in Australia.

Orca side-on in Tasmanian waters
Lots of Orcas have been sighted on Tasmania’s East Coast early 2017, particularly in April. Tassie is one of the hotspots to see Orcas in Australia.

Orca sightings in April off Tasmania’s East Coast:

  • 30.4.17 O’Hara Bluff, Tasman Peninsula (male and female at sunset)
  • 29.4.17 Waterfall Bay, Tasman Peninsula (pod of 4, travelling North early in the morning)
  • 25.4.17 Near Policeman’s Point, Bay of Fires (2 animals, one of them listed in the ‘Killer Whales Australia ID Catalogue: EA_0002 aka Split Fin, we’ve seen the same animal together with two others here off the Tasman Peninsula in January)
  • 25.4.17 East of Eddystone Point, Northeast Tasmania (pod of 3)
  • 21.4.17 Seven Mile Beach, near Hobart Airport (small pod)
  • 20.4.17 East of Maria Island (EA_0002 aka Split Fin)
  • plus two unconfirmed sightings off the Hippolyte Rock near Tasman Peninsula and in the Northeast near the Bay of Fires

This was our romantic encounter with two Killer Whales at sunset on Sunday afternoon:


Where to report Orca sightings?

Orcas can often be seen from the shore. If you do see an Orca, please report it either to us at Wild Ocean Tasmania (0473-770416) or to David Donnelly of Killer Whales Australia (0401-011022). Your contribution would greatly support the team of researchers in gathering information about the behaviour and distribution of Orcas in Australia.

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