Private Small Group Boat Charters (up to 12 passengers)

Private boat hire incl. skipper along the Tasman Peninsula

Our boat can carry up to 12 passengers, making it the ideal size for intimate groups who want to experience the wonders of Tasmania’s coast and marine life. Whether you’re looking for a family outing or a fun excursion with friends, our private charters offer a personalised and exclusive experience that you won’t find anywhere else. (Scroll down to learn more about our vessel).

Watching inquisitive dolphins during a private charter with a group of friends.

For wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers, our private charters provide a unique opportunity to explore Tasmania’s stunning natural sites and witness the diverse marine life. Our skipper and crew are experts in marine conservation and will guide you through an ethical and responsible interaction with the animals. You’ll learn about the importance of protecting these animals and their habitat, and leave with a deeper appreciation for the natural world. Seeing cute seals is always guaranteed. Dolphins and seabirds like albatrosses are also regular visitors to this area. And with a bit of luck, we might even get the chance to accompany some whales on their yearly migration.

Albatross flying past
A majestic Royal Albatross flying past.

For those interested in geology, the coastline of the Tasman Peninsula offers stunning and unique features that can only be accessed by boat. This includes the world-famous Totempole & Candlestick – huge rock columns at Cape Hauy – as well as colourful caves, rugged cliffs spanning 4 geological periods and pristine beaches bordered by untouched Tasmanian wilderness. Our skipper will guide you through these hidden gems and provide insight into the geology and history of this incredible landscape.

Whale lunge feeding with Cape Hauy in the background
A Humpback Whale lunge-feeding with Cape Hauy and the Candlestick in the background.

For small groups of friends looking for a fun and adventurous outing, our private charters provide a unique and exciting experience that you can share together, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

By joining our tour, you also support our private wildlife sanctuary and the numerous marine research and nature conservation projects we are involved with. You can feel good about choosing a tour that prioritises the well-being of the animals and the environment, and know that your contribution will help preserve these amazing creatures for future generations to enjoy.

We offer hourly, half-day and full day charters. Please contact us for a personalised quote.

Watching seals at one of the seal haul out spots along the Tasman Peninsula.

School group excursions

We welcome small school groups on our boat tours and provide detailed environmental education for any ‘theme’ during the trip: e.g. interpretation of rock evolution, marine life, ocean acidification, disappearance of ecosystems, importance of microorganisms in the ocean for life on Earth etc.

Please contact us for customised tour options for your school group!

Photography trips & television productions

Humpback Whale bubble-net feeding in Tasmania.
Screenshot of rare video footage showing Humpback Whales bubble-net feeding in Tasmania.

Contact us for specialised photography trips & TV productions. We have provided our vessel for several shootings including:  “My Own Private Monster” from the Red Bull TV series “Explorers: Adventures of the Century”  and “The Kettering Incident” on Foxtel.

We also have a database of video footage available for licencing for ocean and wildlife documentaries. Please get in touch to discuss your project!

More info about our vessel

Our vessel, the ‘Ocean Prowler’, is fitted with 10 straddle seats and one bench seat for 2 people.

Wild Ocean Tasmania’s private charters are guided by an experienced skipper and are conducted on an 8.5m RIB with a toilet onboard. The RIB (Rigid Inflatable Boat) is a versatile vessel that combines the stability and comfort of a traditional boat with the speed and agility of an inflatable craft. Its design allows it to travel faster and more smoothly through the water, providing a comfortable ride even in choppy conditions. The 10 straddle seats and one bench seat for two people offer plenty of seating options for different groups, and the onboard toilet ensures maximum comfort and convenience during your tour.

The boat’s size allows us to access some of the most breathtaking and secluded locations along Tasmania’s coast, including areas that are not accessible by larger vessels. 

RIB surrounded by 3 Humpback Whales
Our RIB surrounded by three Humpback Whales in a ‘mugging’ event.

Additionally, our vessel’s safety features ensure that you can relax and enjoy your tour with peace of mind. The boat is equipped with all necessary safety gear, including life jackets, first aid kit, and communication equipment. Our skipper and crew are trained in emergency procedures to ensure your safety at all times.

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