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Newbie Pad

Pademelon joeyorphaned pademelonNew family member in our wildlife rehab center. Little Paddy weighs only 300 grams and was brought to us a week ago. Please drive with care and watch out for wildlife!

Orca underwater

Orca feeds on sunfishOrca feeding underwaterFree and wild. An amazing gift from the ocean today. We got to watch  Orcas feeding on a sunfish off Cape Hauy this morning, right next to our boat. An unbelievable experience!

Roobies release

Wallaby releaseRoobie has grown up and is ready for her life in the wilderness. We released her last night. She wasn’t real sure about that idea, ha! Sniffed the fence and tried to sneak back inside.. But after a few minutes, she went on discovery tour into the bush. All the best out there Roobs! We love you!