Ocean & Seal Trip: 9am sharp at our HQ, 165b Pirates Bay Drive, Eaglehawk Neck.


Coastal Adventure: 2.30pm sharp at the jetty next to the Blowhole in Eaglehawk Neck.
We recommend to bring a change of clothes for our Seal Trip, just in case you get a bit damp. Please dress warmly for all our tours. Bring some drinking water and your camera. You will get loads of awesome photo opportunities! 🙂
You can pay on the day with Visa / MasterCard or cash. If a gift voucher is requested, we will send an invoice by email which can be paid for via money transfer, Paypal, Visa / MasterCard or on the phone.
Our boat tours are dependent on the weather. The booking confirmation reserves your requested number of seats on the boat. We will check the latest weather forecast and contact you 2 days prior to the booked date to give you the final confirmation.


Weather forecasts are only a prediction and weather conditions can change unexpectedly. If an unfavourable change in weather occurs and we can't snorkel with the seals, we will only charge the 'observer' rate.
Whilst you don't have to be a very good swimmer, please be aware, that boating and activities on the ocean can be physically demanding. A certain level of fitness is required for our trips. The Ocean & Seal Trip participants have to be able to climb off the boat onto our sea-view platform and back onto the boat without much assistance. The tour operates in a remote area and medical assistance might be a few hours away. We reserve the right to cancel or modify the tour or refuse participation for safety and capability reasons. Every participant has to sign a liability release prior to departure.
The seals are wild and not trained. It is up to the animals to decide if they want to swim with us. Within the last year we only had one unlucky day. If no seals are in the water and we can't give you the experience that we market to, we will make the most of the scenic boat tour and only charge the 'observer' rate.
No. Our number 1 priority is to protect the animals and to offer an ethical, non-intrusive way of observing the marine life. By keeping our guests together on the viewing-platform, we can ensure that the seals don't feel threatened. We found that the seals are a lot more relaxed, they stay close together and usually come up very close to interact with us.
We believe that sharks are fascinating creatures that come in all sizes and live in waters all over the world. If you are worried about a shark attack, here are a few facts and figures. 🙂 According to the IUCN, one-third of open ocean shark species are threatened with extinction. Approximately 100 million sharks are killed each year by humans. Your chance of getting attacked and killed by a shark is 1 in 3,748,067 (compared to a car accident 1 in 84). So please drive carefully on your way down here and enjoy your time in the water! 🙂 However, everybody who wants to join our tour should be aware that there are risks involved with snorkelling and boating, including perils of the sea, harm caused by marine creatures, acts of fellow participants, entering and exiting the water. Every participant will have to sign a liability release prior to departure.
Our drysuits are basically a one-piece overall equipped with water-tight latex seals that fit firmly around your wrists and neck. Sharp objects can damage or perforate latex seals. We don't recommend to wear any jewellery e.g. ear rings, watches, bracelets etc.


We can supply a range of different drysuit sizes. However, our smallest drysuit is made for children with a height of approx. 130cm and the largest adult suit is measured to a length of 195cm, chest of 127cm and waist of 101cm. For young children (approx. 120cm) we can also provide a 3/2mm wetsuit.