Kicking off the season with sunshine, whales & other wildlife

Smiley the Humpback Whale is back!

Welcoming a new season and old mates

As we step into another boating season, we’re thrilled to share the wonders of the Tasmanian waters with you. The sun is shining, and the ocean is teeming with life once again. This weekend, we operated the first tours of the season and had some amazing wildlife encounters already.

The Return of a Friend

For those who’ve followed our maritime adventures, you’ll recall the captivating tale of ‘Smiley’ the Humpback Whale. We first encountered ‘Smiley’ in 2021. This extraordinary whale, named for the distinctive smiley face mark on its fluke, stayed with us for an impressive 87 days, from April 5th to July 1st.

Having data of whales that stay a significant amount of time in the waters off the east coast of Tasmania can be valuable for scientists and ultimately for the preservation of this special place.

‘Smiley’ seems to share our enthusiasm for this beautiful region. In 2022, we’ve been graced by ‘Smiley’s’ presence once more. On May 29th, and again on June 4th, we had the privilege of spotting this inquisitive and fluke-happy whale on our cruises.

This year, ‘Smiley’ popped up on our first tour of the season on Friday, together with a friend, and again on both of our Saturday trips. It’ll be interesting to see how long ‘Smiley’ decides to stay in the area this year.

Coastal waters teeming with wildlife

Common Dolphins playing alongside migrating Humpback Whales.

In addition to our heartwarming encounters with ‘Smiley’ and the other Humpback Whales, we were privileged to witness the joyful company of around 100 Common Dolphins, gracefully playing in the waters alongside their whale companions. It was awesome to see how they interacted. The dolphins seemed as excited as we were to welcome back the majestic Humpback Whales.

The skies above were graced by soaring albatrosses and terns feeding on fish. And, of course, our beloved resident seals added their charming presence to complete the scene.

Nature’s grand performance is in full swing, and we can’t wait to share these moments with you on our boat tours.

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