Superpod of Bottlenose Dolphins off Tasman Peninsula

1000+ Bottlenose Dolphins sighted

Last week has been amazing in terms of wildlife sightings. Not only have we been treated with some more Humpback Whales that were feeding off the Tasman Peninsula, but we also got to spend our day with a superpod of Bottlenose Dolphins in excess of one thousand animals last Thursday.

Jumping Bottlenose Dolphin
Bottlenose dolphins often accompany us on our boat trips and like to show off with amazing displays.

Dolphins as far as we could see!

While different types of dolphins, like Bottlenose and Common Dolphins, are a very regular sight for us on our boat tours (7 out of 10 days we see dolphins during our trips), it is rather rare to see THAT many! On very lucky occasions, about a handful of days per year, we get to join a superpod. 🙂

Superpods of dolphins generally occur in areas of high food availability and consist of up to a few thousand individuals. In comparison, an average dolphin pod has about 10 – 30 members. The temperate waters of Tasmania are rich in nutrients and therefore provide the food that attracts whales and dolphins to feed here.

Superpod of Bottlenose Dolphins
Listening to the whistles of dolphins and watching the acrobatic jumps is a treat for all your senses.

Seeing a superpod of dolphins is a treat for all your senses, as they communicate through whistles and body language. The whistling sounds which the animals produce are easy to hear from the boat. Dolphins produce sounds using air sacs near their blow hole. The action of these air sacs is similar to filling up a balloon and then squeezing the end to let out the air. Each animal has a uniquely identifying signature whistle. Examples of body language are spectacular leaps out of the water, the snapping of their jaws as well as tail and head slapping. Sounds and gestures help the animals to keep track of other dolphins in the group, to navigate and to point out nearby food.

Swimming with Bottlenose Dolphins in Tasmania
On some lucky occasions we even get to see dolphins swim past our sea-view platform. What an amazing experience to look a wild dolphin in the eye!

To see dolphins always puts a smile on your face! Probably because of their friendly facial expressions. If you would like to join one of our wildlife-watching tours, check out our scenic based Coastal Adventure trip or come and swim with seals! We would love to share this beautiful coastline with you!