Exploring Tasmania on land or by boat

Remarkable natural features to explore on a boat tour or by foot

With 660 km2, Tasman Peninsula is a great holiday destination for lovers of nature, history and adventure. It is home to the World Heritage listed Port Arthur Historic Site,  the best preserved convict site in Australia, as well as the Tasman National Park, an area of natural diversity and amazing coastal scenery.

Tasman Peninsula Boat Cruise
Cruise along the rugged coastline of the Tasman Peninsula and see caves, arches and amazing rock formations that can’t be seen from land.

Here you can fully take your mind off things on one of numerous bush walks ranging from only one hour to multiple days. You will be rewarded by a variety of native plants, diverse wildlife and stunning views from the top of high sea cliffs.

Some features of the Tasman National Park can only be seen by boat. There are the most colourful caves, funky sea stacks and arches to explore. Marvel at a 130m high waterfall that rushes down the ancient cliffs. See the transition of rock types and literally drift through millions of years of evolution.

Waterfall into the ocean.

The Tasman Sea is home to an abundance of marine animals, too. So make sure you have your camera charged and are ready to capture the local residents including seals, dolphins and albatrosses or even whales on their yearly migration.

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The Hippolyte Rock off Pirates Bay on Tasman Peninsula.
The beautiful Hippolyte Rock in golden sunlight, a landmark East off Eaglehawk Neck.