Another wallaby ready to be released

Banjo raised and successfully released

Banjo, one of our Bennett’s wallaby joeys, was brought to us by a lovely family that took her on after  been orphaned, but didn’t have enough space or the facilities to look after her.)

Raised and released wallaby joey.
Another wildlife orphan is ready to be released.
Bennett’s wallabies need milk for about 14 months before they can get weaned. Milk rations have to be reduced  slowly. To prepare the animal for it’s life in the bush, it has to be kept in a large ‘pre-release or ‘soft-release’ enclosure to minimalize stress.
It is always hard to say ‘Goodbye’ to our wildlife orphans, when they are ready to go, but it’s so rewarding as well! We released our little Banjo 3 days ago and she came back yesterday morning to show us that she’s doing well out there. 🙂
We wish you all the best Banjo and watch out for those noisy cars!!
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