Young Love

Two new wallaby orphans moved into our place to be raised & released

Bennett's wallaby orphan
Our new wildlife orphan Wally.

Only about a week ago, we got a new family member. This cute little guy waving at the camera is Wally, a young Bennett’s wallaby joey.

He hasn’t had to be on his own for too long. Look who moved in with him…

2 wallaby joeys
Rescued wallaby babies Rosie and Wally

Little Rose was a bit stressed and dehydrated but Wally’s company helped her recover. 🙂

Thanks to everybody who has joined or is going to come on our tour! You help us give a bit back and save the lives of orphaned wildlife. All guests of our Seal & Ocean Expedition are invited to come and meet our joeys after the tour (if the animal’s health permits).

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